How will flood insurance protect me?

Anyone that is in the Kingwood, WV area will want to make sure that they are properly protecting their homes with insurance. A form of insurance protection that can offer helpful coverage is flood insurance. For those that are located within a designated flood zone, having this coverage could be a requirement set by your mortgage lender. This form of coverage can protect a property owner in several ways. 

Protect Your Dwelling

The most significant asset that most people are ever going to own will be their home. If you are a property owner, ensuring that your home is properly protected should be a top priority. Unfortunately, the risk of a home being damaged by a flood can lead to significant losses. When you get a proper flood insurance plan, you will have the insurance needed to receive proper protection if your home is damaged by a flood. 

Protect Your Contents

While you will always want to know that your dwelling is protected, you also need to ensure that the contents within your home are properly supported as well. If your home is damaged during any type of flood, it could damage your personal belongings including furniture, electronics, clothes, and other personal items. With a proper flood insurance plan, you can obtain the protection that you need to ensure your personal items can be replaced if damaged during a flood.

Those that are in the Kingwood, WV area will always want to ensure that they have the right insurance in place. Those who are looking for this coverage should call the Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. As you are assessing your insurance needs, the Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia can provide any support that you need to build a proper insurance plan. This can help ensure you properly mitigate your flood risks. 

How commercial insurance can save your small business

Small businesses comprise more than 99.9 of all businesses in the United States according to the Small Business Administration. Owning a small business is part of the American dream and commercial insurance can help keep that dream from becoming a nightmare. Small businesses are much more vulnerable to risks than larger businesses and the rate of business failure is high. At Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV, we are a locally owned independent agency that places the needs of our clients first. 

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your business location. But it is about more than the building, it is also useful for those that rent their business location or work out of their home. It protects your office equipment, your inventory, your raw materials, and your machinery or tools. It can be a lifesaver if your business is stricken with a covered hazard. 

Commercial auto insurance

If your business owns even one vehicle, you need to have commercial auto insurance. Keeping your personal and business accounts separate is important and most personal auto insurance won’t cover your vehicle if you are using it for business. 

Commercial liability insurance

Small businesses are vulnerable to legal suits. Legal action against your business by a client, a vendor, or a former employee can drive you out of business if you don’t have enough commercial liability insurance. This may be the most important coverage of all given the number of suits filed every year and the expense of defending your business. 

Business interruption insurance

When a covered hazard closes your business, this insurance will help you to meet your regular expenses while you have no income. It can make the difference between closing your doors and surviving. 

Contact Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV with your small business commercial insurance needs. 

Conduct an Annual Review of Your Auto Insurance Policy

Once an insurance policy is purchased, some continue making premium payments and never look back at their policy. However, things change in life, and it is essential to conduct an annual review of any auto insurance policy in Kingwood, WV. Those with questions or need to update their auto insurance policy should reach out to Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia for assistance. 

The annual review of an insurance policy is something every car owner should put on their calendar. The review should include updates to any life changes which may affect your auto insurance coverage and rate. 


Having new teen drivers in the home makes a huge difference in the bottom line of an insurance policy. During the review, speak with the insurance agency to add new drivers to the policy and ensure proper coverage. Other items to discuss are your teen driver leaving for college in another state or purchasing their vehicle. 


A change in jobs often means a change in income and commute times, affecting how much your insurance premiums cost. Let your insurance agent know about your new job and anything else, such as a shorter commute and where you are parking your vehicle. If you have recently retired, let your agent know because this can also affect how much you drive. 


Your insurance policy must be updated when you move to a new location. Where you live affects your policy because where you park your car at night affects premium rates. Additionally, where you moved could impact your commute time, which also affects premium rates. 

Every year take a moment to review your auto insurance policy and speak with your insurance agent about any changes. Those in Kingwood, WV may experience premium increases or decreases based on the changes. Speak with an agent at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia to conduct an annual review of your auto insurance policy. 

What Other Structures Are Covered Under My Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Being a homeowner in Kingwood, WV means you take all measures necessary to protect your home, family, and belongings. However, always be prepared for a disaster to occur. Incidents such as a fire, theft, or storm can cause significant damage to your home. When insuring your home, it is essential to understand what is covered and what is not. If you have questions about if other structures on your property are covered, call the experts at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia for assistance. 

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling insurance offers protection should your home and the structures directly attached to it become damaged. Your policy will cover loss associated with damage caused to these structures and if there is a burglary. Typically, a standard home insurance policy will cover a portion of unattached structures, but additional coverage may be needed to be fully covered. 

Other Structure Coverage

Check your policy to ensure that other structures on your property, such as a fence, unattached garage, or shed, are covered. It may be necessary for you to add additional coverage for these other structures to ensure they are covered. This additional coverage protects you by covering the costs to rebuild or repair those other structures on your property which may have become damaged due to wind, fire, or other included events. 

Personal Possessions

Your insurance policy will have a section where personal possessions are covered. If you have additional structures on your property, verify your possessions in these structures are also covered. 

Understanding if additional structures on a property are covered by insurance in Kingwood, WV is vital to ensure you are fully protected. For assistance covering your home and any other structures, call us at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia today.

Who needs to get renters insurance in West Virginia?

The Kingwood, WV area continues to be a popular place for people to move to. As you are looking to move to this West Virginia community, you will need to find a place to live. If you are looking for more convenience and flexibility, renting a home is ideal. Before you move into a new rental home, you should get a renter’s insurance plan. There are several situations when someone will need to get this coverage. 

When Trying to Cover Assets

A situation when someone will need this coverage is when they want to cover their assets. While a renter is not an owner of the property they live in, they are bound to have a lot of personal assets and items stored under the roof. With a renter’s insurance plan, you will get coverage that can replace your items if there is a fire, theft, or other situations that result in a loss. 

When Required by Lease

If you are moving into a new home, complying with the lease terms is very important. One common requirement that you will likely have is to carry the proper insurance. The landlord will want you to have protection at all times and will likely require evidence of protection before you move into your new rental home. 

A renter in the Kingwood, WV area should always have insurance before moving into their new home. As you are in the market for a new renter’s insurance plan, it would be helpful to contact the Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. If you do call the Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia you will become more educated on the benefits of this insurance coverage, and they can provide the support you need to pick a new plan.

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

If you are a business owner, homeowner, or own a vehicle in West Virginia, it may be a good idea to add umbrella insurance to your already existing insurance policies. The umbrella insurance agents at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV can provide you with all the types of insurance you need.

Umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of insurance protection which means more peace of mind and relaxation for you and your family. It will provide you with extra insurance that goes beyond the current coverage limitations of insurance policies you already have in place and even includes coverage for different types of lawsuits.

Types of Umbrella Coverage

You can pretty much obtain umbrella coverage with any of your existing insurance policies. For example, if you own a business and want coverage for things like false arrest, slander, libel, and even extra insurance for rental properties, an umbrella policy may be for you.

It can give you extra coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. For example, if your dog attacks the mailman, you may be able to get coverage for that through your existing homeowner’s insurance policy but the rest of it would be picked up by your umbrella insurance policy if the injuries are very extensive. This could save you from getting sued and having to go to court.

If you feel you need extra insurance coverage the best way to obtain it is through an umbrella insurance policy. The umbrella insurance agents at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV can help you get your policy started. Call for an appointment or to obtain a quote today!

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Floods cause billion-dollar losses in the United States every year. This extent of damage to property has a ripple effect on your financial stability. Worse still, phenomena such as floods are rarely covered in standard coverages such as homeowners insurance. So, what happens when floods run havoc in your home? Flood insurance is your answer in such cases. 

What is Flood Insurance? 

This insurance coverage option covers residents of Kingwood WV from the losses caused by floods. When you apply for flood insurance, the intention is to protect your dwelling from prolonged rain, melting snow, and coastal storm surges. Our flood insurance plan at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia uses topographical dynamics to categorize risk factors. 

Do Residents of Kingwood WV Need Flood Insurance? 

The unpredictability of torrents makes flood insurance a necessary backup plan for residents of Kingwood, WV. Here are some reasons why this coverage is a must for you. 

Your Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Floods

Every property owner considers homeowner’s insurance to be an essential plan against perils such as fire and theft. However, this plan doesn’t cover losses caused by floods. As such, even when you have homeowners insurance, you also need to consider flood insurance. The coverage will come in handy in case the heavens open up and cause damages. 

Your Area Is Within a Flood Zone

People all over West Virginia live in a zone that’s highly susceptible to floods. The categorization means that you are more at risk of flood damage compared to people in other areas. This is more reason why you should consider our flood insurance at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. 

Home Association Requirements 

Most home associations consider flood insurance a mandatory prerequisite for members. If this is the case in your area, you can always consult our agents at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. 

We are Ready to Secure Your Dwelling

Floods are unpredictable and have detrimental consequences. Kingwood WV residents can benefit from our insurance coverage at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia, considering its comprehensive nature. With this plan, your heart doesn’t have to skip a beat every time it pours.

We also offer auto, home, farm, motorcycle, renters, and umbrella insurance for our clients. Contact our agents today for all your insurance needs.

Required Commercial Insurance in West Virginia

In West Virginia, most businesses are required to have two different types of commercial insurance. Both of them are protections both for third parties and for the companies themselves. If your business needs commercial insurance to stay on the right side of the law, contact us at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV to find out more.

Workers’ Compensation

This type of insurance is required of nearly all businesses in West Virginia. The law states that if a business has at least one employee, even if that employee is only a part-time worker, the company must have workers’ compensation insurance for that employee. If you have workers who are independent contractors, they are exempt from this rule. Workers’ compensation coverage pays the medical bills of those who get sick or get injured while at work. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

When your business owns a vehicle, it is required to have a commercial auto insurance policy. The state has a set minimum amount of bodily injury liability coverage that you must have for one person who becomes injured. It mandates another amount that must be kept for all of the bodily injury liability from all third parties injured. There is also an amount mandated to have for property damage liability, which pays for vehicle and/or building damage done by the company vehicle. In addition, the state mandates that you must have a set minimum amount of insurance to cover an uninsured motorist for each person that is injured in an accident that is the other party’s fault. 

Get Your Commercial Insurance

If you are a business owner in West Virginia and you don’t have the commercial insurance coverage you need, call us at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV to talk with an agent about the insurance your business needs. 

Coverage Options for Your Auto in West Virginia

If you are a driver in West Virginia, you will want to obtain the correct auto insurance policy to protect you, your vehicle, and even your freedom. The state requires you to have at least a liability insurance policy that will cover any injuries or property damage that you can cause if you are involved in an accident. If you are pulled over, you must show proof of your auto insurance policy or you can be fined at least $200, can lose your driver’s license for a period of time, and could even end up serving time in jail. To avoid all of this, you can obtain a liability auto insurance policy through a trusted auto insurance agent. The agents at the Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia, located in Kingwood, WV, are ready to assist you. You can further protect yourself and your vehicle through other auto coverage options also.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

A comprehensive auto insurance policy will cover your vehicle if it becomes damaged due to a natural disaster, such as a tornado or hail storm, or even a fire or vandalism.

Collision Insurance

This type of insurance will cover your vehicle and the vehicles of others that you may become involved in an accident with, along with objects. For example, if you back into someone’s lawnmower and destroy it, your collision auto insurance policy will cover the other person’s lawnmower.

Underinsured and Uninsured Auto Insurance

Even though West Virginia law requires every driver to have auto insurance, sometimes people cannot afford a policy or simply do not bother to obtain one. If they cause an accident that you are involved with, law enforcement will take care of the legal side of things but who will pay for the damages to your vehicle or injuries to you or your passengers? That is what underinsured and uninsured insurance is for, to protect you and your vehicle.

Contact the auto insurance agents at the Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV to obtain a quote and start your policy today!

Important Changes Your Insurance Company Should Know About

From starting a business at home to changing your roof, there are specific changes that you should definitely share with your insurance company. In so doing, you will receive the appropriate home insurance coverage, which will affect your rate. Your risk level could be affected by the changes you make to your home and that is one of the main reasons for having your current policy reexamined by an insurer like Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV.

Reporting Changes

If you fail to share those changes with your insurer, then it could result in denied claims, which you may subsequently file. It could also lead to a canceled policy later on. Therefore, it is always ideal to choose full disclosure. If you plan to make changes in the home, or you have made changes and you haven’t shared this information with your insurer, you should contact them right away. What kind of changes are we talking about?

The changes below could affect your policy:

  • Going on extended vacations
  • Obtaining a hot tub or installing a pool
  • Making a significant purchase to install in the home such as collectibles, expensive jewelry, or fine artwork
  • Installing a new water heater or heating system
  • Paying off your mortgage in full
  • Changing your marital status from single to married
  • Starting a business in your home

Roof Replacement

The first major change to report is doing a roof overall. At any point in time, your roof can suffer damages due to mold, leaks in the ceiling, and sometimes, structural damages in other areas of the home. It is recommended that you get the roof inspected regularly and replaced when it is necessary. This would reduce the risk of having to make certain insurance claims and filing fewer claims could greatly reduce your monthly premium.

Major Renovation

If you plan to undergo any type of major renovation in the home such as replacing carpets and painting the walls, it might not have any impact on your premium nor will it compromise your insurance coverage. However, if you plan to move out of the home while it is undergoing renovations, you could see special changes to your coverage. You need to speak to the insurance company providing coverage so you know about these potential changes to the policy ahead of time.

Partial Renting of the Home

If you plan to rent a part of the home; whether it is short-term or long-term, you should report this to the insurer. It is possible that you would have to modify your existing policy or consider obtaining a landlord policy so you are fully protected. Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV can provide answers to your questions and concerns.