The different types of commercial insurance

Commercial insurance is an integral part of any business. It helps protect businesses in the Kingwood, WV area from potential risks and losses, allowing them to stay afloat despite unforeseen events. Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia offers several commercial insurance types, each tailored to particular needs and industries. 

General Liability Insurance protects against claims due to bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury caused by products or services of the business. This type of policy is essential for businesses that interact with customers directly or provide products or services.

Property Insurance protects against damage to buildings, equipment, furniture, inventory, and other assets owned by the business if there is a natural disaster or other covered peril. It also provides financial protection if there is theft of valuable items from the premises as well as coverage for lost data due to computer viruses or hacking attacks. 

Business Interruption Insurance provides financial assistance if a business temporarily closes its doors due to a natural disaster or other covered events. This type of policy helps companies keep their operations going during a time when their usual sources of income become unavailable. 

Umbrella Insurance covers additional damages not typically included in other policies, such as advertising injury liability (which covers libel and slander) and employee practices liability (which covers workplace harassment). This extra layer of protection can help businesses avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses if faced with legal action or expensive claims. 

Having the right commercial insurance plan in place can be invaluable for any business. By speaking to an agent at the Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia, businesses can ensure they have adequate protection and peace of mind in all circumstances. We serve the Kingwood, WV area.