Three Frequently Asked Questions About Umbrella Insurance

You can usually tell what’s covered by an insurance policy by the policy name. Homeowners insurance covers your home. Auto insurance covers your car.

But what is umbrella insurance? What does it cover? The professionals at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia, servicing Kingwood, WV, are here to help. If you have questions about umbrella insurance, we can help. 

1. What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance offers extended liability coverage that goes beyond the liability coverage offered by another policy, like a homeowners insurance policy. Umbrella insurance is designed to offer an extra level of protection if you are likely to be sued.  

2. Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Many people don’t even realize they could benefit from umbrella insurance. If you own a home or have many assets, such as an investment portfolio or a retirement savings account, you could benefit from umbrella insurance.

Generally, your liability coverage should be as much as or more than your assets. You could benefit from umbrella insurance if you can add all your assets together; the total is more than your liability insurance. 

3. How Can I Get the Best Umbrella Insurance Policy for Me?

The best way to get an umbrella insurance policy is to talk to a trusted insurance agent. The Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia professionals servicing Kingwood, WV are here to help. We work with many carriers to ensure our customers have many choices and can find the right policy. 

If you want umbrella insurance, call today to speak with one of our experienced insurance professionals.