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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in West Virginia

Are you thinking of purchasing a boat in the greater Kingwood, WV area, or want to make sure that your current Watercraft Insurance policy has the coverage that you need? Whether your boat is used for commercial uses, as a charter service, or just for your own personal use, there are a variety of coverage options available for you. Whether you have a powerboat, a sailboat, catamaran, or you live on a houseboat, you will need the appropriate type of marine insurance. The team at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia can help you protect your boat from damage and mishap both on and off the water.

Comprehensive Coverage Provides the Peace of Mind You Need

In addition to liability insurance for accidents involving your boat, you may also want to have comprehensive boat/watercraft insurance. This type of policy provides a much wider range of coverage:

  • Mishaps involving your boat both on and off the water that cause damage to your vessel
  • Damage, theft, or loss of your trailer
  • Protection for loss, damage, or theft of any personal articles that are on your boat
  • You can also opt for coverage for water skiers accidents including medical expenses

Whatever type of boat you own, it is important to protect it, your fellow boaters, and your passengers with the right marine policy. Don't leave protection up to chance!

Owning a boat is a terrific way to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the greater Kingwood, WV area, and knowing that you are protected in the event of a catastrophe, makes the experience all the more enjoyable. If you are interested in buying a boat and want to know what type of boat/watercraft insurance policies are available or you would like a policy review of your current policy, we can help. Contact the team of professional agents at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia today and get the boat coverage that you need!