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Classic Car Insurance in West Virginia

Antique or classic cars in Kingwood, WV are very expensive and require special classic car insurance. This is not an everyday car and you need to protect your valuable classic car with enough classic car insurance from Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. Here is all you need to know about classic car insurance.

Insurance eligibility

Classic Car: a car with historic interest and is 10 to 24 years old is considered a classic car.

Antique Car: a car that is 25 years old or more is considered an antique car for insurance purposes such as parades and exhibitions.

For further definitions, your car must meet the following conditions to be insured under the classic car insurance policy:

Limited Use: your car will be considered an antique or classic car if it is only used on a limited basis.

Condition: your classic car ought to be restored or preserved. In fact, some insurance agencies may not grant you classic car insurance, if the car is not in a superb condition. It is also required that your car is stored in an enclosed building.

Classic car insurance policies include the traditional coverage options such as liability insurance, uninsured motor vehicle/underinsured motor vehicle, collision coverage, loss of earnings, comprehensive, and medical payments. All coverage options are subject to the policy provisions of your classic car insurance and other applicable endorsements.

Our classic car insurance premiums in Kingwood, WV may be lower, if you specifically use your classic car for limited purposes such as parades and club activities. When you choose a classic car insurance policy, you and Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia will agree on the value of the classic car. And, in the event that your classic car experiences a total covered loss, we will compensate you for the agreed-upon car value, instead of the actual cash value, provided your classic car hasn’t undergone prior damage or its condition hasn’t depreciated in value due to abuse and neglect. For more information on classic car insurance visit our website today.