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Motor Home Insurance in West Virginia

Are you a motorhome enthusiast who enjoys traveling the beautiful land of West Virginia in comfort? Many clients wonder what type and what level of coverage they should have in place for their RVs and campers. The Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia is proud to serve the insurance needs of the greater Kingwood, WV area, and we can offer the guidance you need to determine the best motorhome insurance policy for your needs.

Do You Have a Motor Home or a Travel Trailer/Camper?

In West Virginia, your motorhome can be classified in two ways depending on a few different factors:

  • Motor Home - this is a fully independent vehicle with its own engine and is not pulled behind a car or truck. This type of policy is appropriate for temporary living quarters including RVs and also converted vans and busses. As long as the vehicle is fully mechanized, this is the type of policy you need.
  • Travel Trailer or Camper - is your motorhome pulled behind you on a trailer? Then you will need a different type of vehicle insurance policy. Towing a camper behind a vehicle comes with some inherent risks such as "camper sway" where the draft from a tractor-trailer can cause the towed vehicle to sway outside of your lane. This policy is appropriate for campers, pop-ups, and mounted campers.

Whichever type of vehicle that you have, maintaining the proper level of insurance coverage is essential. If you are considering purchasing a motorhome, or you want to make sure that your current coverage is sufficient, we recommend that you meet with a local, and professional insurance agent.

Want to learn more about the important protection that a motorhome insurance policy can provide? Contact the helpful agents at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia to learn more about your insurance options in the greater Kingwood, WV area.