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Home Insurance in West Virginia

Since homeowner’s insurance protects your home and other personal possessions, it is not a luxury. In addition, mortgage companies in West Virginia will require you to carry a home insurance for the fair value of your property, and thus will not process a loan without proof of it. Protect yourself financially by purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy from Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia.

What home insurance provides

Damage to your property: in the event of covered disasters such as fires and vandalism in Kingwood, WV, your insurance company will compensate you to repair your home or have it fully rebuilt. If you want coverage for other types of damages such as floods and earthquakes, you need to purchase separate riders. Stand-alone structures on your property such as sheds and garages should be covered separately.

Loss or damage to your possessions: if some of your personal belongings such as furniture and clothing are lost or damaged in a covered disaster in Kingwood, WV, the home insurance coverage will compensate you up to the covered limit. You may need a floater in case you own high-priced items such as a coin collection or fine art pieces.

Personal liability for damage or injuries that you or your family member causes: for example, if your dog bites your neighbor’s kid, the liability coverage will pay for medical expenses.

Hotel or house rental while your home is under repair: in the event that you need to pay for hotel bills or house rental while your home is being rebuilt, your insurance company will help you cover the costs of the incidental expenses. However, you need to consult with your agent because the coverage often comes with strict limits for additional costs of living. You can choose to expand the daily limits in your additional living costs coverage.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a home insurance that provides actual cash value or replacement cost, you need to discuss all your needs and expectations with your insurance agent. Visit the website of Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia for more information about home insurance and details on how to find the most affordable home insurance coverages.