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Commercial Insurance in West Virginia

The purpose of commercial insurance is to protect your business against liability. Your commercial insurance policy from Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia refers to business insurance covers such as employer’s liability and public liability. It protects your business against losses such as injury to employees and damage to property.

What type of commercial insurance does my business need?

The right type of commercial insurance suitable for your business in Kingwood, WV depends on your industry. For instance, a tradesman requires more commercial insurance cover than a professional web designer because the former is exposed to more risks than the latter. Professional indemnity and public liability are great covers for a majority of businesses. Employer’s liability is a wise cover for any business that has more than one employee.

Other Types of commercial insurance

Property Insurance: it pays for damages to personal or real property in West Virginia. Under this policy, you can also access other coverages such as fidelity bonds and debris removal insurance.

Liability Insurance: it covers medical expenses resulting from injuries caused to other people. The policy will cover the cost of defending your business against a personal injury claim.

The Errors and Omissions Insurance: the policy covers any inadvertent acts that may cause injury to other people. The covered acts have to be determined to be unintentional.

Malpractice Insurance: if you or your staff fails to provide services as per the standard of care in your industry and causes injuries, the policy will protect your business. The policy is designed for professionals such as dentists and doctors.

Automobile Insurance: the policy covers your cars, vans, and trucks. Your insurance company will reimburse you for vandalized or stolen business vehicles and when your vehicles cause damage to other people.

These coverages are available through Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. Visit our website for more information and details on how you can purchase an affordable commercial insurance policy for your business.