Conduct an Annual Review of Your Auto Insurance Policy

Once an insurance policy is purchased, some continue making premium payments and never look back at their policy. However, things change in life, and it is essential to conduct an annual review of any auto insurance policy in Kingwood, WV. Those with questions or need to update their auto insurance policy should reach out to Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia for assistance. 

The annual review of an insurance policy is something every car owner should put on their calendar. The review should include updates to any life changes which may affect your auto insurance coverage and rate. 


Having new teen drivers in the home makes a huge difference in the bottom line of an insurance policy. During the review, speak with the insurance agency to add new drivers to the policy and ensure proper coverage. Other items to discuss are your teen driver leaving for college in another state or purchasing their vehicle. 


A change in jobs often means a change in income and commute times, affecting how much your insurance premiums cost. Let your insurance agent know about your new job and anything else, such as a shorter commute and where you are parking your vehicle. If you have recently retired, let your agent know because this can also affect how much you drive. 


Your insurance policy must be updated when you move to a new location. Where you live affects your policy because where you park your car at night affects premium rates. Additionally, where you moved could impact your commute time, which also affects premium rates. 

Every year take a moment to review your auto insurance policy and speak with your insurance agent about any changes. Those in Kingwood, WV may experience premium increases or decreases based on the changes. Speak with an agent at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia to conduct an annual review of your auto insurance policy.