Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Floods cause billion-dollar losses in the United States every year. This extent of damage to property has a ripple effect on your financial stability. Worse still, phenomena such as floods are rarely covered in standard coverages such as homeowners insurance. So, what happens when floods run havoc in your home? Flood insurance is your answer in such cases. 

What is Flood Insurance? 

This insurance coverage option covers residents of Kingwood WV from the losses caused by floods. When you apply for flood insurance, the intention is to protect your dwelling from prolonged rain, melting snow, and coastal storm surges. Our flood insurance plan at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia uses topographical dynamics to categorize risk factors. 

Do Residents of Kingwood WV Need Flood Insurance? 

The unpredictability of torrents makes flood insurance a necessary backup plan for residents of Kingwood, WV. Here are some reasons why this coverage is a must for you. 

Your Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Floods

Every property owner considers homeowner’s insurance to be an essential plan against perils such as fire and theft. However, this plan doesn’t cover losses caused by floods. As such, even when you have homeowners insurance, you also need to consider flood insurance. The coverage will come in handy in case the heavens open up and cause damages. 

Your Area Is Within a Flood Zone

People all over West Virginia live in a zone that’s highly susceptible to floods. The categorization means that you are more at risk of flood damage compared to people in other areas. This is more reason why you should consider our flood insurance at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. 

Home Association Requirements 

Most home associations consider flood insurance a mandatory prerequisite for members. If this is the case in your area, you can always consult our agents at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. 

We are Ready to Secure Your Dwelling

Floods are unpredictable and have detrimental consequences. Kingwood WV residents can benefit from our insurance coverage at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia, considering its comprehensive nature. With this plan, your heart doesn’t have to skip a beat every time it pours.

We also offer auto, home, farm, motorcycle, renters, and umbrella insurance for our clients. Contact our agents today for all your insurance needs.