When should you review your home insurance policy

Life changes, your situation changes, and your home may change. Your home insurance needs to keep up with the changes. It is easy to get complacent and just let your insurance roll over from year to year. This is not necessarily the best thing for you or your finances. At Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV, our team of experienced insurance experts is here to help you review your home policy. 

The ideal time to review your home insurance is when your policy renews. Whether you get your policy through the mail or online, the first page will be the declaration page. It lists all your coverage amounts and what you are paying for them. If you have any endorsements, they will also be listed. It will also show any discounts that you are eligible for. Please look at the amount of coverage you have and whether it makes sense. 

Another reason to review your home insurance is if you get a sudden increase in the premium. Compare the declaration page to last year’s declaration page and see where the increase is. Call your insurance agent and ask for an explanation. It may be time to consider changing to another carrier. 

You should let your insurance agent know if you have renovated your house. These are things like adding extra living space or another bathroom that increases the value. Adding safety equipment to your home, like an alarm system or wired smoke detectors, may save you money. 

Don’t ever assume that your home insurance is correct. Question everything.

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