Benefits of umbrella policies for West Virginia businesses

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Why umbrella insurance might be right for you

If your company operates in an industry where there is a lot of liability risk or common lawsuits, it makes sense to have a sufficient amount of liability protection. This can help to protect your firm’s assets and the assets of any principals who have risk exposure. There are several different ways to keep your company protected, and an umbrella policy should be one of them. 

Your primary commercial policy has policy limits and may also have carve-outs of specific claims that it will not cover. And, if you are involved in a lawsuit, you will need to have enhanced protection. Many umbrella policies provide coverage for lawsuit liability and have protection that could help you pay some legal expenses. This type of coverage is critical because, unfortunately, we live in a litigious society that is not always fair.

To protect yourself from such risks, you must build a more robust layer of protection around your company. This is achieved by putting an umbrella policy to supplement your current primary commercial insurance policy.

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