As a renter do I need an inventory?

About 36% of households are renters. Only about 40% of those households feel the need to have renters’ insurance. That is both optimistic and scary. Being sure that nothing bad will ever happen to you is unrealistic. Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia in Kingwood, WV has a team of insurance experts who can provide you with the information you need about what renters’ insurance can do for you. 

If you ever need to file an insurance claim for the loss of your personal property, how will you prove that you did have a 60-inch smart TV? It will be easy if you have done a good inventory of your rental with backup photos and receipts. 

An inventory is a detailed listing of all the things that you own. It is usually done one room at a time with photos and as many sales receipts as possible. It is much simpler to do this before a catastrophe hits than after. This document is then stored away in a safe place, usually away from your rental, so that if you ever need it, you can easily access it. If you must store it at the rental, store it in a waterproof, fire-resistant box or bag. Placing a copy of it on the cloud or emailing it to yourself and placing it in a file where you can get to it when needed is important. 

Beyond just personal property coverage, renters insurance also provides you with liability coverage and loss of use insurance. If your rental is damaged and you can’t live in it, you will be able to afford another place to live. 

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