Do You Need Comprehensive Coverage If You Have Collision Insurance?

Many auto insurance companies have options when it comes to collision and comprehensive coverage. However, these options may not work for certain individuals. If you are financing a vehicle, you have to have both types of coverage in place, but if you own a vehicle, do you need both types?

Collision vs Comprehensive

Collision insurance protects the vehicle owner from expenses related to collisions. Comprehensive insurance covers all other types of damage and incidents such as theft, storm damage, and vandalism. It is recommended that you carry both types of insurance if you have a vehicle newer than 10 years of age, or have an older classic vehicle having substantial worth. In order to make the right choice, you should get assistance from one of the professional agents at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia. We proudly serve the drivers of Kingwood, WV and throughout the state, and can answer your questions and more. 

Getting The Right Coverage

Finding and obtaining the right level of insurance protection is tricky without the help of an insurance agent. You should reach out for assistance to ensure you get the right level of auto insurance protection to avoid gaps and other unfortunate issues related to inadequate coverage. Your insurance agent is a great tool to help you have peace of mind, no matter where you travel or where you park your vehicle. 

If you are looking for quality auto insurance, check out Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia and allow them to assist you with the selection process. We look forward to helping the residents of Kingwood, WV find solutions that offer protection.