Commercial Insurance and Your Home-Based Business

That photography business you run out of your home or the web design side gig you started may seem like low-overhead, but you still need to protect it separately from your home with commercial insurance coverage. That’s because the typical home policy only provides about $2,500 worth of coverage for business property.

Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia can help you with a home-based business policy for your business. It doesn’t just cover your business property; it also covers liability for slips and falls or employee injuries.

If you built a workshop or converted your garage, you might think your home policy covers it, but no. Your other structure coverage only covers your personal items and structures. At most, your policy may include $500 of coverage for business property detached from the residence.

With a home-based business policy, you completely cover your structure and your business property. You can obtain this coverage as a separate policy or an endorsement on your home policy.

Do you wonder if your Kingwood, WV home-based business needs business insurance? Most do. If you meet with clients in your home or a structure on the residential property, you do. If you keep inventory at your home, you do. If you keep clients’ belongings at your home, you do.

Let’s consider a few home-based businesses that fulfill each of the above. An independent architect or business consultant typically meets with clients at their homes. Tax preparers and accountants do, too. Plus, they sometimes keep their clients’ financial records at home while accomplishing the work. A t-shirt silk screener maintains inventory in their home. Other examples of those who keep client property on their property include knife sharpeners and engravers.

Contact Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia, serving Kingwood, WV, for more information. Let us help you adequately cover your home-based business.