Does Flood Insurance Cover Wind-Driven Rain?

There are many natural disasters across the country and in Kingwood, WV. The chance for severe storms with high winds is a primary concern for most and can create significant losses. It’s always a great idea to have flood insurance in especially prone areas experiencing flooding, but does flood insurance cover wind-driven rain? Let the experts at Smith Insurance Agency of West Virginia help. 

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a government-backed program that covers the costs of losses and repairs to property resulting from a covered flooding event. However, this FEMA-backed insurance only covers the damage caused directly by flooding. Your homeowner’s insurance covers damage from wind-driven rain. 

Our agents are ready to assist if you want to purchase a flood insurance policy. They can assess your current situation and help determine if you need flood insurance based on your location and its history of flooding. They can recommend the type of insurance that best suits each situation to ensure customers get the best protection available to them. Additionally, they can help with purchasing the policy and submitting the necessary documents. If any adjustments are needed in the future or claim submissions, they are there to help. 

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